A child cuddling a Fur Fluff, a fluffy purple ball with a puppy face.

There's more than meets the fluff!

Hidden inside the fluff is an adorable pet looking for its fluff-ever home! Can you make her come out? With 100+ sounds and reactions, you can roll, toss and tickle her to turn from fluff to pet!

A gif showing pink and purple What The Fluffs transforming from a Fluff into a Pet.

Multi-Step Transformations

Can you coax out the cute pet hiding inside this ball of fluff? Transform from fluff to pet – or pet to fluff – again and again. It’s always a flufftastic surprise when her lovable face emerges!

100+ Sounds and Reactions

Dance Party! Rock out to her tunes in Music Mode. Tickle her and she giggles. Pretend to feed her and watch her eat. Fur Fluffs interactive pets make over 100 sounds and reactions.

A gif showing two children snuggling with their Fur Fluffs.
Play Button
A child smiling a their purple puppy Fur Fluff.

Quick Start Guide


Shake your tail feather with your new pet bestie in Music Mode. Make ‘em do a Somersault to transform from fluff to pet. Toss, Feed, Snuggle – there’s so many ways to play with your Fur Fluffs interactive pets.

A graphic showing the before and after of the surprise pet reveal. There is a heart background with a double-sided arrow in the centre. On the left side is a pink Fur Fluff with no face, and on the right side is the pink Fur Fluff with a kitten face.

Surprise Pet Reveal!

A graphic of a purple Fur Fluff dancing, surrounded by pink and teal music notes and wiggly movement lines.


A graphic of a pink Fur Fluff being held by two hands, eating a rainbow lollipop.


A graphic of a purple Fur Fluff. There is a teal circular arrow to the left, and a curved arrow at the top, to show that the Fur Fluff can roll forward.


A graphic of two hands throwing a pink Fur Fluff into the air.


A graphic of a child cuddling a purple Fur Fluff. There are two pink hearts in the bottom left corner.


A graphic of two hands holding a pink Fur Fluff which has not yet transformed into a Pet. There are pink and teal movement lines surrounding the Fur Fluff.

...and more!